A little information about baby M she's from mobile Alabama she was adopted while the officers were there for  (H.O.T.) Harley Officer Training she was a gift from the St. Patrick's day parade they had when they were there. She has had many adventures since her adoption.
My first adventure started off that I get to ride all the way back to Arkansas on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that Joan our activities director was riding, when we got to Pine Bluff Arkansas I got to ride to Hot Springs with Scotty are director, I got to go to the Hot Springs chapter meeting in March and Harley Our Road., Capt. introduce me to Popeye  I got to spend the month of April with.
Hello, my name is Baby M
I have spent the last month with Popeye and Maw Maw (Allen, Caralyn & Bene) I have been on many "short rides" with them.
The last "short ride" was to (LA lower Arkansas and Louisiana:), that ride covered four days and three nights and 1100 miles. I attended the Louisiana state H.O.G. Rally at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette Louisiana.
Popeye took me by Bossier City Harley-Davidson, renegade Harley-Davidson in Alexandria Louisiana and Cajun Harley-Davidson in Scott Louisiana, we stayed at the Holiday Inn express just a hop skip and jump from Cajun Harley-Davidson I also road to Avery Island and Lake Charles Harley-Davidson, I got scared and Lake Charles Harley-Davidson dealership it was not in the best part of town. Boy! Was it windy on that ride.
The Cajun Dome was where the rally was held and I had fun there with all the people and such, also had a good time at Cajun Harley-Davidson I was told there was 5000 people there on Thursday night.
Looking forward to my next month's adventure
Sincerely Baby M
P.S. Boy! Was it windy on our way back to Malvern, if I had hair I would have had that "windblown look"

Hi everybody this is baby M I'm off on my May adventures, Bill might have "won" his chance to let Baby M hang but, she likes ridin on Smokey's Road Glide with her possum!  Stay tuned for her next adventure!
Well it looks like Baby M enjoyed her ride on Smokey's Road Glide to the Strawberry Festival.
Baby "M"
BABY "M" goes with Big George on Lake Hamilton School Ride
Baby "M" Golfs In The Village
Baby "M" At Home With LITTLE George (For A Month)
Baby "M" Visited The Covered Bridge In Benton AR
Baby "M" On A Patriot Guard Ride To The AR State Veteran's Memorial Cemetery
Baby "M" At The AR State Veteran's Memorial Cemetery
Baby "M" Visited The HSV Memorial
Baby "M" Visited The Garland County Memorial
Baby "M's" Patriot Guard Ride Honoree
Baby "M" Getting ready for big trip 1st stop STURGIS
Baby M has returned from her 7000 miles trip here is a collection of photos that was taken on her journey
Click photo to view Baby M's journey
Baby M journey to the Mississippi State H.O.G. Rally
Where will Baby M go on her next adventure ?