Road Captain
Welcome to the Road Captains page. My name is Bill (Brush) Brusenhan and I have been riding over 50 years. I was converted to Harley's about 15 years ago and have been a member of the Hot Springs chapter for 10 years. In March of 2017 I traded a 2014 Road Glide for a 2017 Tri Glide. My friends said I started out in diapers on a Trike and should finish in diapers on a Trike. Jerks.
Along with Gus Noble I am the 2018 co- road captain.
What is a Road Captain and how does he or she fit into the intricate hierarchy of the HOG chapter? First of all, let's look at the main reason the HOG exist. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIDE. That's it! Plain and simple. Everything we do, every event or activity is centered on riding our Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Whether it be riding to a chapter meeting or spending several days on the road going to a National HOG Rally.
A certain amount of planning and pre-ride effort goes into a chapter ride and it is the duty of the Road Captain to assist the ride leader before and during the ride. If you are new to group riding, or experience a road side problem during a ride, a Road Captain will be there to assist you. The Road Captain is also an experienced rider who know how to ride safely in a wide variety of conditions and is there to share that knowledge with anyone who wants it.
The Hot Springs HOG Road Captains are people who have displayed those attributes and volunteered to help out on many rides we have each year. Many of the rides are led by Road Captains but every member of the chapter has the opportunity to lead a ride if they so choose. Just let us know where you want to go and we'll help set it up.
Chapter activities are conducter primarily for benefit of H.O.G. chapter members. There are three categories of activities
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Bill Brusenhan
Jim Kindy
Saddle Up and Let’s Ride
Gus Nobel
Kevin Bagby
Bill Cash
Paul Dimitry
Paul Hamilton
Paul joined the Hot Springs Hog Chapter in 2015. He is retired from Hamilton3 Logging and Trucking Company. He enjoys retirement and riding his bikes. Paul is married to Flo Hamilton
Don Hewett
Joel Weiler
Don Hewett and my wife Valerie and I moved to AR in 2001.  I really love riding the roads all over Arkansas.  I'm on my 4th Harley now and it's a 2018 Ultra Limited.  I've ridden over 300k miles and lead rides in 46 states and 3 Providences in Canada.  I began riding in 1975 when I lived in Charlotte, NC and enjoyed the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.    I enjoy working on Harley's as it is a hobby and I really want to know how everything works.  I especially love the road trips and overnighter's. That allows us to ride many more roads in areas of AR that we don't see much on our day trips. Let's ride together!